Born January 5th, 1977 in Chertsey , England. Lived in England, Greece, Spain and Asia since then.

Educated in UK and in the US.

During his production years he’s worked with many of the best directors in the world, which had a great influence on his work.

Done various personal projects at the same time (documentaries, music videos, short film). Worked as a runner, producer and editor prior to 2004.

He is restless and always searching for new visual challenges, complementing his creative and production orientated working style, along with acting calmly and coolly in difficult situations distinguish and qualify him.

Filmmaking is his passion. Photography is his passion. Storytelling is his passion. Using this passion, he always finds ways to introduce something new.

He is very sensitive to the cinematic atmospheres, visuals and highlighting the essence of the story. Acting and convincing performances are at the core of his work. This is what commercial filmmaking is all about… and this is what fascinates him and drives him to create.

Started to direct internationally in the year 2010 in various markets around the world.